I have a very detailed guide to advertising in the Yellow Pages which is free to anyone who wants it. It covers everything you need to know to maximise your exposure in the Yellow Pages.

BUT – it was written a few years ago and the updated version is below:


FIRSTLY – determine how many phone calls you’re receiving as a result of your Yellow Pages advertising.
SECONDLY – determine the value of business you’ve gained from Yellow Pages advertising. Are the phone calls being received from strong prospects or the type of prospects who do not buy from you.
SURPRISE – after the above analysis you’ll realise that the the world has changed! Unless your primary customer base is people over 65 years old, you’re almost certainly wasting your money on Yellow Pages advertising. Very few other people use the printed Yellow Pages anymore.

That’s the new Yellow Pages advertising guide. You’re going to achieve far better results for your business by ensuring your website is correctly focused at your customer base. Then use paid advertising on google, bing or other appropriate websites. You’ll spend far less money and the results will be far better. Also consider ensuring that your business is listed on appropriate local web directories that people use. To find such directories, do a google search for your type of business and look at the top 10-20 listings. Many of those will be local business directories – and listing is normally free on those websites.

THEN – continually monitor where your new customers are hearing about you so that you can modify your strategy accordingly.

Just ask your new customers and your friends – when did they last use the Yellow Pages? Chances are they can’t remember.

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