All client engagements are 100% confidential, we will never use any clients name to promote our services. Within these boundaries we can discuss in detail the scope and success of our work with you.

Examples of just a few of our client projects include:

  • Solar – improved customer acquisition without need for intrusive telesales or door to door sales.
  • Manufacturing – identified and eliminated production “road-blocks” resulting in 20% increase in productivity and recapture of lost customers.
  • Fabrication – reviewed and led development of new welding procedures to increase productivity, reduce consumables costs and eliminate welding re-work. This resulted in over 15% increase in productivity, 20% increase in sales and 35% increase in profits.
  • Restaurant – created new easily implemented tactics to rejuvenate restaurant and increase sales by 25%, including filling Chinese restaurant on St Patricks Day!
  • Trades Services – established new strategies for plumbers, electricians and locksmiths to increase sales, increase profits and to easily gain high level of referal sales.
  • Wholesaler – introduced new procedures to increase productivity and gain new customers. Sales increased 30% in first 6 months and owner now works 15 fewer hours each week.
  • Retailers – identified new tactics that increased customer satisfaction with over 20% increase in repeat sales and overall 30% increased sales.
  • Professional Services – assisted recruitment agencies, accountants and lawyers to expand service ranges and increase revenue, client satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Senior managers and owners spent on average 10 hours less at work each week and profits increased.

Contact Martin Dabb  on 0458 290 100 or email me to discuss any aspects of assisting you to eliminate problems and secure new opportunities.