YES we can provide you with easily actionable Profit Improvement strategies and tactics to grow the profits and value of your business.

However to achieve quantum growth in your business profits and business value, the best and most proven strategy is to buy more businesses that are closely aligned to your current business.

Commonly known as an industry roll-up strategy or industry consolidation strategy, this entails searching for suitable businesses that may be customers, competitors or suppliers which would add value to your existing business.

We can assist you in preparing a well designed strategy which covers all aspects of your mergers & acquisitions activities, right through to post-purchase management assistance. Of course, these services can (and should) include acting as your Business Search Consultant, to search for and contact prospective business targets. Once we have found a target, you get sole and exclusive rights to negotiate to buy the business / businesses. It is not as hard as it seems, the results can be remarkable and you won’t often even need substantial cash resources to implement your strategy.

Contact Martin Dabb  on 0458 290 100 or email me to discuss any aspects of buying a business.