We have buyers looking for businesses in Rockingham, Kwinana and Cockburn. Our buyers interests cover all types of businesses, with their investments ranging from $100,000 to over $10m. These buyers include FIFO workers, business migrants, people who have sold their businesses and investor groups seeking large businesses. Our business sales methodologies enable you to sell your business for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.  When you want to sell your business we will focus on:

  • Highest Price – we know how to structure your business sale to highlight all the positives and eliminate any negatives to drive the price higher.
  • Fastest Possible Sale – our marketing and negotiation skills, including a comprehensive Information Memorandum (IM),  are designed to speed up the sale pocess without compomising on price. This IM provides all the details a buyer needs to make a fast decision and to obtain finance.
  • Easiest Time Saving Sale – we do all the hard and time consuming work so you can still concentrate on managing you business whilst it is for sale.
  • Advertising On The Right Websites – we advertise on the websites most appropriate for YOUR business, we don’t waste time or moneu advertising where your buyers will come from! To create competition for your business we always advertise in addition to contacting registered buyers and this also speeds up decision making from our registered buyers.
  • Access To Thousands of Registered Serious Business Buyers – of massive value are the thousands of buyers actively hunting for a business, you get access to all of them through us.
  • Identifying Potential Buyers From Our Comprehensive Business Database – we proactively target existing businesses that our research identifies as ideal buyers. All such contacts are 100% confidential, all pospects sign a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement befoe they receive any information that identifies you business.
  • Creating Competition – our compehensive marketing and negotiations creates competition for your business, it is not uncommon to receive 2 or more offers on the same day for a business.
  • Managing Due Diligence – far too many business sales fail at the due diligence stage, we manage this vital process very intensively to prevent any problems occurring.

Contact us when you’e considering selling your business or even if you’d just like a free detailed appraisal of the value of your business. We’ll also how you how we go further than any other business broker, combining over 30 years of business ownership and management experience and business broking expetirse, to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

Contact Martin Dabb on 0458 290 100, email me   or complete the contact form whenever you’re thinking of selling your business – the earlier that you get started the easier it will be and the higher price that you will achieve.

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    As you browse our website you will see that we provide far more services to business sellers than practically any other broker – that’s how we get you the highest possible price. It means more work for us, less work for you and a better result for you!

    Our sales are conducted through our licensed real estate business broker partner.