Has your franchise “gone bad”, with performance not even close to what you were promised and expected? Sales too low, profits too low and too hard to get new customers?

1 – Maybe you invested in a new franchise where the franchisor’s support has dropped off, with them telling you to “read the manuals” or “follow the system”. PROBLEM – who has time to read manuals all the time when the franchisor could help!

2 – Did you first talk to existing franchisees who said they were delighted, but you now realise they were relatively new franchisees still in a state of euphoria and enthusiasm, or were they just reluctant to admit that they’d made a big mistake.

3 – Were you a relatively inexperienced business owner who thought a franchise would be the ideal start to business ownership? Well, you were right and you were also wrong. You can only succeed by constantly changing and adapting to new market conditions. You also need to learn from other businesses, translate what works in a different industry to your business.

4 – Maybe you’re considering selling but you know you’ll suffer a huge loss and can’t affod that, so you’re stuck working for the franchisor and the landlord instead of for yourself.

We can assist turn your lousy franchise into a great franchise. We can help you to:

  • Get more sales leads
  • Convert more sales leads into actual sales
  • Get customers to spend more with you each time
  • Help you reactivate any lost customers
  • “Steal” customers from your competitors
  • Generate heaps of referrals from existing customers and other businesses
  • Use proven free and real cheap methods to advertise your business
  • Ensure you get the support your Franchisor MUST provide you with
  • Turn your complicated franchise manuals into easily implemented actions that get great results
  • Provide you with ongoing advice, assistance and business coaching that you need – when did you last see a successful sports team without a coach? Very rare, and successful franchises need a coach too!

We provide FREE reviews of your franchise and we GUARANTEE the results of the Action Plans that we establish for you. We assist you to implement all agreed strategies and tactics and also provide Business Coaching as required. Most of what we will charge you is purely results based – so you can be assured we will be extremely focused on increasing your sales and profits otherwise we won’t get paid, and we like to get paid!

Contact us for a free confidential review of your franchise. Don’t forget to ask us about our guarantees. Our goal is to grow your franchise so much that our “cost” will actually be zero!

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