YES, you can sell your business yourself   Our Price Maximizer service will help you sell your business privately, in the fastest possible time and with the least number of hassles for the highest possible price. You’ll save on expensive business broker fees – typically 5% to 10% of the sale price!  You will probably need to spend more time tha in a broker is assisting you.

sell your business privately by yourself

  1. Business Price Review – we can review the price you’re thinking of advertising to ensure it is not too high or not too low (it’s surprising how many private business sales are at a price that is far too low!)
  2. Persuasive Information Memorandum – just sending a few pages with photocopied accounts is no longer acceptable to buyers, banks and accountants. We will prepare a professional, full colour Business Information Memorandum which actively sells your business.  This answers 95% of all questions a buyer may have and clearly explains why your business is worth the asking price.  This also saves your time responding to extra questions – because they’re all answered!
  3. Investment Summary – to help maintain confidentiality, we provide you with a 2-3 page summary document which DOES NOT identify your business, which you can send to local accountants and any other interested parties before revealing your business name.  We provide FREE monthly updates to your Business Information Memorandum and Investment Summary – there’s nothing worse than sending a buyer outdated information.
  4. Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement – we provide you with a free NDA for you to send to interested buyers to sign before you provide them with any confidential information.
  5. Targeted Buyers – we give you advice on how to identify and target specific buyers rather than just waiting for people to see your adverts.
  6. Advertising – we help you draft advertisements that you can place on business for sale websites, and we’ll also recommend which websites to use. Some websites work better than others depending on your location and the type of business, you shouldn’t have to waste time and money advertising on the wrong websites. We also give you different Headlines to use, so that when you update you advert (weekly updates are recommended) your advert really does look diferent each time.
  7. Negotiations – when you’re ready to negotiate with a buyer, we’ll give you FREE advice on what to include & exclude from your negotiations and how to negotiate to get the best deal.
  8. Due Diligence – when you have accepted an offer, we’ll guide you through the due diligence process to ensure a smooth and successful sale.

So – how much do our services cost? – it totally depends on the size and complexity of your business. Typically we charge an upfront fee to cover prparation of the detailed Business Profile and advertising.

Contact Martin Dabb on 0458 290 100 or email me whenever you’re thinking of selling your business. We’ll provide you with exactly what you need to sell your business.