Improving your business’s productivity is a key to maximizing profits and business values. Our custom designed Profit Growth Plans focus on the 3 key aspects of profit & productivity improvement – Cost Reduction, Loss Elimination and Sales Growth  to increase your profits.

Formal Methodologies and Business Systems?
We utilise well proven methodologies to identify and resolve any issues which are contributing to high costs, poor productivity and low sales growth. We also offer a world-class productivity improvement business system that is specially suited to manufacturing enterprises. This system will constantly analyse and monitor manufacturing costs and productivity, providing you with actionable reporting to constantly improve your profits.

  • We believe that every brand, every product, every service and every company has tremendous unrealised sales and profit growth potential.
    • we work with you to help close the gap between current and potential performance.
  • We specialise in providing you with the knowledge, skills and tools to:
    • grow your sales volumes and revenue.
    • improve customer loyalty.
    • become a client / customer magnet.
    • stop wasting advertising expenses.
    • improve staff performance and retention.
  • Productivity improvement programmes that do lead to sustainable growth:
    • unnecessary costs creep into every business, we help you weed them out.
    • we’ll help you to achieve real efficiency gains.
    • we’ll help you to reduce losses and wasted resources.
    • we ensure you achieve ongoing gains, not simply one-off “hits”.
  • We are passionate about providing you with measurable results based on truly actionable strategies and plans.

Cost Reduction –  identifying and reducing costs where there will not be a negative impact on sales including:

  • Advertising (especially TV, Radio, Cinema & Yellow Pages)
  • Bank fees
  • Conventions and trade shows
  • Electricity & Gas
  • Insurance
  • Interest
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing supplies
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Office supplies
  • Photocopying & Printing
  • Rents & Rates
  • Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Telephone & Internet
  • Travel & entertainment
  • Wages & salaries

Loss Elimination – identifying and eliminating unseen losses including:

  • Employee turnover
  • Inefficiency & lost productivity
  • Insurance losses
  • Lost customers
  • Product returns
  • Quality rejects
  • Slow product development
  • Spillage
  • Theft
  • Warranty costs
  • Wastage

Sales Growth –  increasing profitable sales (refer Detailed Business Growth Services) for key components of our sales growth services. A quick summary of key contributors to sales growth are:

  •  Increasing the number of sales leads
  • Converting more leads into sales
  • Increasing the average value of each sale
  • Improving gross margins
  • Increasing repeat orders
  • Increasing sales referrals

Focusing on each key area at the same time can produce markedly improved profit improvement which will translate immediately into a higher business value. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results achievable by taking advantage of our thorough and independent evaluation and the resulting Profit Improvement Plan.

All of our profit improvement plans are based on successful well proven strategies & tactics, combined with proven formal methodologies, all designed to deliver quick and sustainable results. All cost reduction & loss elimination items will be prioritised and matched with sales growth considerations, thus ensuring cost cutting does not impact on sales growth.

Based on the time availability of yourself and your staff, our involvement can range from initial setup, training and monitoring through to a fully managed Profit Improvement Plan.

Call Martin Dabb ph; 0458 290 100 (Perth) or complete the following contact form to discuss any issues or questions related to a clearly actionable Profit Improvement Plan.

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