Selling your business is a very complicated and detailed process requiring specialist skills and experience. Assisting business owners to sell their businesses for maximum value is our specialty. We go much further than many business brokers, we work with you to help improve your profits and enhance all other key aspects of your business, so it will attract high offers from buyers.  We’re not a business broker just “after your business listing today” – because we are 100% focused on getting the best result you want and need. Because we know what attracts buyers willing to pay maximum value for your business, our service range includes:
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Persuasive Business Information Memorandum
Our factual professionally presented information memorandums cover 95% plus of any questions a buyer may have. This speeds up the selling time and enables us to get the best price for you. Our business information memorandums are a vital selling document, they “sell the sizzle as well as the steak”, we want prospective buyers to get excited when they read about your business.

Profit Growth
We will work with you to increase sales, reduce costs and prepare a profit growth plan that can be used by the new buyer, because all buyers want a business that can grow. We make sure we show them how it can grow, and in the meantime you get the benefits of low-cost easily actioned profit growth tactics.

Business Presentation & Ease of Management
We will guide you to ensure your business is presented in an attractive manner. This includes physical presentation and also well documented procedures and systems, meaning a buyer will be attracted to your business which will also appear very easy to manage.

Staff Retention
Buyers are always worried about possibly losing staff members, whilst your staff will be concerned about losing their jobs. They are all worried about the same thing! We will help you to quickly prepare a Staff Retention Plan which relieves the worries of buyers and staff, which means your business will be easier to sell for maximum value.

Maximum Confidentiality
The confidentiality of your business is as  important to us as it is for you, which is why we ensure every potential buyer signs a legally binding confidentiality agreement before giving any identifying details. We will always contact you if we believe the potential buyer is a customer, competitor or employee. This provides further protection of your confidentiality.

Guided Negotiations
We recommend that business owners be involved in the negotiation process with buyers, because you know your business better than anyone else. We will always be there to guide you and to use our expertise to help you achieve the highest possible price.  We will sometimes negotiate “behind closed doors” with a buyer and then present you with an offer when that is required to get you the best deal.

Targeted Advertising
We don’t simply place adverts all over the internet, we base our advertising on your Exit Plan to attract the right buyer, not to just attract time wasting “lookers”. When your business could be sold for the maximum price by targeting specific buyers, such as employees, customers, suppliers etc then this is always based on your Exit Plan. Quite often selling to someone already identified as a potential buyer is the fastest, easiect and most profitable way to sell your business.

Our extensive list of active buyers and investors seeking businesses in Rockingham, Cockburn, Kwinana and Mandurah means that, in addition to effective internet advertising, wemay  already have the ideal buyer waiting for your business. We will contact these buyers and investors as soon as your business is listed with us through Ascend Corporate.

An Easy and Profitable Deal
Bu using our experience and expertise, we aim to help you sell your business easily, quickly and for the best possible price. You still need to be managing your business throughout the sale period and trying to sell it yourself can detract from day to day business operations.

Contact Martin Dabb on 0458 290 100, email me or complete the following contact form when you’re thinking of selling.

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