When you are considering buying a business we have a range of services to assist you:
Business Search – acting as your dedicated business earch consultant, we can search for the ideal business that meets all of your requirements and you can then negotiate an agreement with the owner. This takes all the hassles out of contacting different business brokers to see if they have anything that is suitable, and then waiting for the phone call (that often never comes) to advise you they now have something. If required, we can manage many of the acquisition processes in conjunction with your accountant, settlement agent or lawyer, further relieving you of your time pressures.
Mergers & Acquisitions Advice – when you are considering a business acquisition, whether as a standalone business or to add on to you existing portfolio, we can assist in the business search, evaluating the business strengths and weaknesses and identifying the hidden profit opportunities that the existing owners are not benefiting from.  In particular, whilst your accountant is conducting financial due diligence, we can conduct the required marketing and operational due diligence. This means you can concentrate on running your existing businesses and focusing on the other contractual matters or your acquisition.
Post Acquisition – there are numerous sales, marketing, HR and operational matters which need to be quickly and effectively addressed to ensure your acquisition is successful. This can involve communicating with suppliers and customers, managing website changes, reviewing and recommending HR changes, recommending and implementing marketing and advertising activities or even managing any relocations of offices, warehouses or factories.

Contact Martin Dabb  on 0458 290 100 or email me to discuss any aspects of buying a business.