Do you know why you’re lost a customer? If so, fix the cause of the problem so that it won’t happen again.

If you don’t know, phone them and ask. Don’t ask them (or beg them) to reconsider, instead just explain that you’re sorry to lose them but to fix the problems you’d like them to tell you what you’ve done wrong.

Chances are many of them will reconsider and those who don’t will usually be honest (and sometimes blunt) about your failings.

The real cause is not always what someone says was the problem. Be careful about fixing a symptom rather than digging in a bit more to identify the real cause of the problem.

When you lost the customers sometime ago, a letter with an accompanying questionnaire can be more successful, and can then be followed up a bit later with an attempt to reactivate those lost customers.You may be surprised how easy it is to achieve this when you show them that you care and have really listened to them.

Just bought the business? Then this is an ideal excuse to start reactivating past customers. If the previous owners screwed up and you can give the lost customers the confidence that you will fix the problems then go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose – after all they were already lost!


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