I’m often asked by business owners and business managers “why would I need a coach”? Well there’s a lot of reasons, but most importantly is the wish to improve business performance. Obtaining an independent and professional view of the issues that you face can be excellent value.

Despite a sports team being made up of very talented sports people who have all the skills required for their sport, they will not succeed without a coach. How often have you seen a top sports team succeed year after year without a coach? Their coach provides valuable advice regarding strategies and tactics and valuable feedback on recent performance. The coach is also a great “sounding board” to bounce ideas off.

It’s the same in business, whether you are a business owner wanting to improve sales and profits, or an employee wanting to improve your personal work performance and achievements, a business coach can guide you to greater success. Not only will a business coach help you “see the wood from the trees” but they’ll also help you spot the fruit on those trees that you’ve ignored or missed due to a range of factors.

You have absolutely nothing to lose when you use the experience of a business coach, but there’s heaps to lose.

A good business coach does not need experience in your industry, what they need is excellent business experience combined with analytical skills and lateral thinking skills to help you to devise new and better ways to improve.

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