Many businesses lose customers due to poor customer service. Just as many are lost because you forgot about them, and hence they forgot about you.

Adopt a regular means of communicating with your customers (such as an email newsletter), providing them with useful information regarding your products and services. It helps if you put some effort into really getting to know your customers, and in the case of business clients, getting to know the key decision makers. Find out their:

  • Birthday (just day & month, don’t embarrass them by asking for the year)
  • Interests & Hobbies – such as sports, past times, theatre, wine etc
  • Family – number & age of children, details of pets
  • Past Purchase History – so you can update them on new or complementary¬† products and remind them of services needed

Keep on growing your list of information about your customers. Then you’ll quickly be able to keep in contact with them, not just about your products and services but also some useful information that will personally be of interest to them. Don’t just send the same email newsletter to everyone, but customise it based on what you know about them. This is now relatively easy with the better email newsletter systems that are available.

You can also write your Happy Birthday emails once for all customers and then schedule them to be sent on the customer’s birthday. It will all be done automatically for you by the system, which will also personalise each email for you!

You can do exactly the same with regular service requirements (such as car servicing), where the customer will receive a reminder email every 3 or 6 months.

Just remember customers will always ask WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) – so your newsletters should be focused on the wants and needs of them, not simply telling them about some wonderful new product or service. Go a bit further and explain why your news is GREAT NEWS for them.

Easy – because you want your customers to remember you and to contact you whenever they want or need your products or services. And you want them to refer friends,¬† colleagues and associates to you. They’re far more likely to do this when you remember them and keep in contact with them.


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