Well, it’s probably not worth “what you want to pay off some debts, buy a new investment property or take a holiday on a cruise ship”. Your personal needs or goals do not impact the current value of your business – but if after receiving a free market appraisal you need more money ….let us know, because we can work with you to improve your profits and therefore increase the value of your business.

Determining the realistic market value of a business is dependent on a wide range of factors. In addition to reviewing your financial accounts, we investigate key aspects of your relationships with customers, suppliers and employees along with other factors that contribute to the goodwill of your business.

We also review the realistic value and quality your fixed assets and determine the required working capital that a new owner will need. In addition, we also review detailed sales history of similar businesses to obtain a good understanding of marketplace expectations.

Appraising the value of your business takes time but the best part is that it is FREE. There are no obligations on you.

If you would like a free market appraisal of the value of your business in Rockingham and Kwinana, contact Martin Dabb – Phone 0458 290 100 or Click to Email Me