Unethical Business Brokers 

BEWARE – there are several unethical business brokers around trying to “buy” your business listing. What they will do is give you a market valuation for your business which far exceeds your expectations and also far exceeds what anyone would pay as high as $8,000 for advertising in a glossy magazine. Guess who prints & […]

Buy The Company You Work For 

Do you love your job and have great ideas, strategies and tactics to grow the profits even more? If it is a great company with an owner nearing retirement age then you have a greater chance of success. Would you like to buy the company – if only you could afford it? Well, despite a […]

Exit Planning 

When we meet with you we will usually talk a lot about Exit Planning and Succession Planning. WHY? We are convinced that all decisions you make in your business should be driven by your Exit Plan, which will often include a Succession Plan. This is because your Exit Plan will establish very clear goals to […]

How Much Is Your Business Worth? 

Well, it’s probably not worth “what you want to pay off some debts, buy a new investment property or take a holiday on a cruise ship”. Your personal needs or goals do not impact the current value of your business – but if after receiving a free market appraisal you need more money ….let us […]

Should You Sell Your Business Now? 

In today’s economy, the question of what business owners should do regarding retirement and succession planning is urgent and topical. Most business brokers will convince you to advertise to sell your business to “strangers”. That is becuase it is the easiest way of getting a business listing for them and getting a sale, although not […]

Business Valuations 

The method we recommend for business valuations is to appraise the business based on the return on investment (ROI%) on the particular business. We base the ROI% on both recent sales that we have made along with actual reported business sales data compiled from business brokers throughout Perth. It is calculated either as a return […]

Who Should You Sell Your Business To? 

If you ask atraditional (old fashioned) business broker, the standard answer will be “lets just list it first, then we’ll find a buyer”. What they’re doing is operating like a residential real estate agent, and that’s plain dumb. Yes, a member of the public may buy your business, but first you need to consider: Management […]