Buying a Franchise 

I’m sure some Franchisors throughout Perth (and the rest of Australia) will disagree with me BUT I advise everyone to think very carefully before buying a new franchise (existing franchises are often very good). Why? New franchises are often very expensive and you are not paying for an established business with ongoing sustainable net profits. […]

Buy The Company You Work For 

Do you love your job and have great ideas, strategies and tactics to grow the profits even more? If it is a great company with an owner nearing retirement age then you have a greater chance of success. Would you like to buy the company – if only you could afford it? Well, despite a […]

Post Acquisition Management 

Whether you have acquired a company to run as owner/manager or to merge with other businesses, there are important management issues that should be addressed. 90 Day Plan – establish an actionable plan for your first 90 days and make sure you implement all of the actions. Ensure everyone knows the “what, why, when and […]

Business Valuations 

The method we recommend for business valuations is to appraise the business based on the return on investment (ROI%) on the particular business. We base the ROI% on both recent sales that we have made along with actual reported business sales data compiled from business brokers throughout Perth. It is calculated either as a return […]

Why Not To Buy a Shop in a Shopping Centre 

Yes it seems attractive to buy a shop in a shopping centre where you’ll receive a steady stream of customers (or lookers). There’s a few negatives to go along with the positives: Lease Term – unless you have rights of renewal (such as 3 years+3 years+3 years) on top of your initial 5 year term, […]

Lost Another Customer? 

Do you know why you’re lost a customer? If so, fix the cause of the problem so that it won’t happen again. If you don’t know, phone them and ask. Don’t ask them (or beg them) to reconsider, instead just explain that you’re sorry to lose them but to fix the problems you’d like them […]