Exit Planning 

When we meet with you we will usually talk a lot about Exit Planning and Succession Planning. WHY? We are convinced that all decisions you make in your business should be driven by your Exit Plan, which will often include a Succession Plan. This is because your Exit Plan will establish very clear goals to […]

Post Acquisition Management 

Whether you have acquired a company to run as owner/manager or to merge with other businesses, there are important management issues that should be addressed. 90 Day Plan – establish an actionable plan for your first 90 days and make sure you implement all of the actions. Ensure everyone knows the “what, why, when and […]

How Much Is Your Business Worth? 

Well, it’s probably not worth “what you want to pay off some debts, buy a new investment property or take a holiday on a cruise ship”. Your personal needs or goals do not impact the current value of your business – but if after receiving a free market appraisal you need more money ….let us […]

Should You Sell Your Business Now? 

In today’s economy, the question of what business owners should do regarding retirement and succession planning is urgent and topical. Most business brokers will convince you to advertise to sell your business to “strangers”. That is becuase it is the easiest way of getting a business listing for them and getting a sale, although not […]

Business Coach – why would I need one? 

I’m often asked by business owners and business managers “why would I need a coach”? Well there’s a lot of reasons, but most importantly is the wish to improve business performance. Obtaining an independent and professional view of the issues that you face can be excellent value. Despite a sports team being made up of […]

Beat This For Lost Customers ! 

Vodafone Australia has just announced that they have lost 375,000 customers in the first 6 months of 2011. The cause, not a surprise, is poor network service and lousy customer service. How much will this cost them? Well, they won’t divulge the profit per customer but they have stated that each customer spends, on average, […]

Lost Another Customer? 

Do you know why you’re lost a customer? If so, fix the cause of the problem so that it won’t happen again. If you don’t know, phone them and ask. Don’t ask them (or beg them) to reconsider, instead just explain that you’re sorry to lose them but to fix the problems you’d like them […]

Keep In Touch Marketing 

Many businesses lose customers due to poor customer service. Just as many are lost because you forgot about them, and hence they forgot about you. Adopt a regular means of communicating with your customers (such as an email newsletter), providing them with useful information regarding your products and services. It helps if you put some […]

Management Made Easy 

We’ve all seen the 4M’s of marketing, I’ve also seen the 12C’s of marketing and the 5P’s of professional services marketing. All of these are based on producing lengthy marketing and business plans which just fill up your filing cabinets. Quite often we complicate management processes too much with the result that there is not […]

Yellow Pages Advertising Guide 

I have a very detailed guide to advertising in the Yellow Pages which is free to anyone who wants it. It covers everything you need to know to maximise your exposure in the Yellow Pages. BUT – it was written a few years ago and the updated version is below: DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON […]